Be Still

A few weeks ago, as the holiday season began in earnest, I stubbed my toe and broke it.  Of all times! I cried to God as my foot swelled and bruised. I pushed myself and it got worse. I am a runner, and running is how I cope with stress. But now I’m sitting still with my foot propped up—doctor’s orders. Not able to run. Not able to decorate for Christmas or get out in the hustle and bustle. After my pity party, I realized God had been speaking to me in gentle ways, but I wasn’t listening. He’s got my full attention now. He wanted me to slow down and listen. I have finally heard him, when my usual distraction and constant activity were forced to cease. It’s hard to be vigilant when you’re always rushing. It’s hard to be quiet and listen for guidance when we surround ourselves with noise. Tribulation is imminent. If the Universe is trying to get you to slow down, listen to him.

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