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Spring Challenge 2019

April 18 – June 20

As we “spring” forward to prepare for summer training, Peak is offering a 10-week group session.

The session will include weekly coached workouts in a supportive, motivational environment. We will guide you through various exercises and drills designed to help you become a stronger and injury-free athlete. The focus is the whole body through hill training, track workouts, overall strength training and nutrition. Our groups are personalized — we learn your goals to help you achieve the success you are seeking.

Be open to change and desire transformation! We don’t train so that we can stay the same, we train to get better (healthier, stronger, faster, more focused, more balanced, more joyful, better equipped to endure).


April 18 – June 20
Tuesday: 7:30am
Thursday: 7:30am
(Choose one or come to both!)


Location will vary

Cost & Registration



Have Questions?

Coach Brenda Averette
USATF Certified Coach
(O)804-897-7257 or (C)804-382-7257

Summer Endurance Training – July 10-November 10

Whether you run for fun or want to set a personal best, Peak Running & Fitness can help you plan your schedule, avoid injuries, and meet your long-term goals. Over the course of the program, you’ll complete a variety of coached workouts while enjoying the fellowship and motivation of group running. We want to create an informative, relaxing and challenging season of training.  All pace and fitness levels are welcome.

Benefits include getting fit, leading a healthy lifestyle, training for any distance race (or not!), staying motivated with other runners, improving running economy, form, muscular strength, and endurance, learning proper pacing and how to handle discomfort in training, increasing confidence and developing mental toughness.

Join us for an informational session and fun run on Thursday, June 28 at 5PM at Huguenot Park.

When: July 10 – November 10

Summer Hours:

Tuesday – 9:00-10:15AM
Thursday – 5:00-6:15PM

(Come to the session that best fits your schedule).

Where: Huguenot Park (location may vary)

Cost: $235

Register Today:
Registration for the summer session is NOW OPEN.  Early registration is encouraged.

To sign up, contact:

Peak Running & Fitness
Coach Brenda Averette
Certified Track & Field Coach
(O) 804.897.7257 or (C) 804.382.7257

Way to go, Jason!

Congratulations to Jason for winning 1st in his age group!

Jason won gold for his age group today at city point 5k in Hopewell, VA in pouring rain

and 41 degrees with time of 22:56.  He was 29th overall in the race of at least 250 runners .

His Mom, Susan, also finished with a personal best 5k at 29:18.

Congratulations Jason and Susan!

Start ’em young: Youth Fitness Groups

Runners who start young with positive, fun experiences often remain active and healthy for life. Peak offers youth group and private coaching to train kids for school sports, keep them healthy, and start good habits early.

Join a weekly running & fitness group

Group training programs provide a low pressure, supportive, and motivational environment where athletes can develop at their own pace , while sharing the experience with others pursing a common goal. Peak offers several goal- and gender-based groups and can also create custom groups for your team.

Maximize your potential with personalized one-on-one coaching

Peak offers one-on-one sessions provide you the opportunity to work directly with the coach who is focused completely on helping you reach your goals. We learn your strengths and weaknesses, teach you about the training process, and train with you — from weight training to technique and form to endurance building.