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Eyes on Iron Man

By John Sicat

I did the Richmond Marathon last November and had a fantastic day. I improved my previous PR by about 20 minutes (3:27:03). I’m short about 2 minutes for Boston, but I see it within reach! I’m thrilled and I think a lot of my success was due to utilizing the good form/technique Coach Brenda taught me.

Brenda, your wisdom paid off! In hoping to keep the momentum going, I’ve signed up for an Iron Man in September (Chattanooga, TN). What have I done?!!

PR Every Race

By Amy McCann

As a later-to-life distance runner, I did not have much experience when I met Coach Brenda.  I had run some marathons, half marathons and other races, but my performance was unpredictable.  Coach Brenda used her experience and expertise to set a training plan specific to me and my goals.  Her approach is different from the one-size-fits-all training plans I was using.  Since working with Coach Brenda, every race has been a new personal record!  She continues to challenge me, but is always mindful of keeping me healthy and injury free.  Her knowledge and experience have helped me achieve my goals AND enjoy the training process.  I highly recommend Coach Brenda to runners of all levels.

Yes, I am a runner!

By Sue Tait, Peak athlete

“I think that you would enjoy my running group,” said a workout friend of mine. “I do not think so, I am not a runner,” I replied. “But I see you on the treadmill and you have run the Monument Ave 10k a few times….” Hmmm—I do love working out with a group and I did want to run the 10k again with an improved time. So in the summer of 2014 I joined Brenda Averette’s Peak Running and Fitness training group. It has changed my life!

Brenda fully exemplifies what a healthy mind, body and spirit are. She is as passionate about life as she is about running. As a coach, she spends time getting to know each of her runners. She wants to understand where you are, both mentally and physically, and where you would like to be. She provides her runners with inspiration, encouragement and unlimited support. She will challenge you to be the best that YOU want to be. You will be successful.

When other workout friends found out about this new endeavor they all asked if I was going to run a ½ or full marathon. “Heck no! Not on my bucket list; no interest at all. Never!”

Brenda created a training plan for my 2016 10k. One of my training days was a mileage day and she gradually increased that distance from 6 to 8 to 10 miles. After I did the 10 miles, I thought to myself “Huh! Not that bad. Maybe I could and should run a ½ marathon.” Brenda was very enthusiastic when I shared this thought with her. She checked out the race I was thinking of doing and said “Sign up! I know that you can do it! “

I did! It was an inaugural race in November 2016 through Everglades National park. Brenda developed a training plan just for me to prepare for this distance and for this race. Her goal was for me was to be confident and successful and to enjoy the race. We communicated regularly throughout my training. She made sure that I was hydrating well, eating nutritiously, stretching and resting. She was always there to answer any questions I had and she ran with me on many training days, always smiling and encouraging me.

As I headed to Florida she said, “You are ready for this. You have trained well. Enjoy the experience.” As I was approaching the last mile of the race there was a pacer in a bright yellow jacket, just like Brenda’s, encouraging all of the runners. I immediately felt Brenda’s presence by my side. As I headed for the finish line I heard her saying “you are almost there. You got this! “

Now when asked I say “Yes, I am a runner!” Thank you Brenda!