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Chris after Disney Marathon

After spending the first two years of my running career going from doctor to doctor, I was finally given what ended up being the best advice–go see Brenda.

At this point, I was willing to try anything to overcome IT band syndrome and other things that hurt. I was under the impression that running was something that you learned in grade school and thirty years later not much had changed.  Well, that’s where I was completely wrong. There is so much more to running than going to the local sporting goods store, buying sneakers, and taking off.  Prior to working with Brenda, the internet, random strangers and doctors were all giving me advice that should work for me.  I even tried a running program that meets the needs of the masses, but with the same results… more doctor bills. I ran my first marathon just because I wanted a gold colored Disney medal of Mickey Mouse.  I finished in 4:30 +.  Needless to say, I followed the marathon with more visits to the doctor’s office.  A year later, the second marathon did not go as well, because I was still hurt but decided to run the 2010 Disney marathon anyway for more Disney bling.  After taking a required 3 month rest from running, Brenda entered into the equation.

We started out with the basics of running, which all came down to form (and my lack of it). She was concerned with fixing my form and keeping me healthy in the process.  We spent hours and hours working on the basics.  While at the time, it was hard to understand the progress that I was making because to me it felt very slow, it became evident in my health and pace.  The day-to-day advice kept me going and I was encouraged by the fact that I was running without pain for the first time since I’d started two years ago.  Having someone guide me each step of the way through the training process took the uncertainty and guesswork out of my regimen, making me a better athlete. I learned that I didn’t have to run every day, in fact, that had been part of my injury problem. Not only did she deliver excellent training, Brenda provided support, encouragement, and guidance as often as needed.  This year, with Brenda’s coaching, I ran not one, but two marathons, finishing in 3:43 and 3:40.  Utterly amazing!

~ Chris Schenack

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