Birds of a Feather

It’s hard to get motivated when you look out your window and see cold, dreary, rainy, or cloudy days…for days. How can you “look on the bright side” when there is no bright side? Yesterday, I was looking out my kitchen window and noticed I left my bird feeder out overnight (usually I bring it in after dinner), and it was full of birds, who didn’t seem at all phased by the temperature. It made me wonder: why do we feel like we’re confined to the indoors when it’s cold or rainy? We start to feel depressed, pouty, and restless, like a kid stuck in a classroom for too long. The birds seemed to be having a good time–splashing around, eating, being happy together and not the least bit bothered by the weather. Funny, I always thought they flew south for the winter.

Birds flock together, as a team, like geese flying in a V. Let’s learn a lesson from this carefree flock. Staying motivated in the winter is a challenge for many people. We make ambitious resolutions at the start of the new year, only to fall short. Thus, we start out a brand new year feeling discouraged. Crummy weather is the cherry on top of this self-pity sundae. Remember: change doesn’t happen overnight.  Set realistic goals. If you get off the path, gently remind yourself of your intentions, get back on track and continue moving forward. Call a friend. Join a group. Staying connected through support systems, friendship, fitness goals, and fun is vital to the success of a healthy, lifestyle. Becoming a mentor to someone is a great way to challenge yourself and renew your fitness goals, as well as be a part of helping someone else reach theirs.

Peak Running wants to help people reach their fitness goals, of course. But we consider it part of our mission to bring people together. Our athletes are runners, teachers, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, coaches and more. We love to hear the variety of journeys people take as they endure the winter training to reach their personal goal. And we ask: what better way to form friendship than to go on a run together?

In time, you’ll see that your personal journey is a community journey. You don’t have to bear the hurdles, fear and hardship alone. Your personal commitment transforms into a commitment towards yourself and others who need your strength and inspiration…and you need theirs, too.

Cheers to you.  Cheers to another year together and all the miles we have shared.  May God bless you, your family, and your friends.




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