Hill Training: Athletes wanting that extra edge

I’m a fan of hill training, believing that this training method can make a difference in your running and keeping you injury-free. Here are a few benefits for endurance athletes.

Did you know hill training:
1) helps develop power and muscle elasticity
2)improves stride frequency
3)develops coordination, encouraging the proper use of arms during the driving phase and feet in support phase
4)develops control and stabilization as well as improved speed (downhill running)
5)promotes strength endurance
6)develops maximum speed and strength (short uphill runs)

Lastly,  running hilly courses is a good way to increase mental toughness and train your body to endure sustained effort.  As with any endurance sports,  it will take time to see the benefits.  And doing more can lead to burn out or injury.  Consistent and progressive training is the best method; along with a little patience, which will help take your running to the next level.

This is the ups and downs of running hills.

Coach Brenda

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